362: Travel Light – Letting Go Of What Weighs You Down

Jul 18, 2017

I’ve shared with you that one of my mantras is “travel light” and it has been a game changer for me. This weekend, however, I realized that I’ve really dropped the ball on living that mantra, especially as it relates to my interactions with other people.

First, let me revisit (more for me than for you) what “travel light” means to me.

  • I don’t get flustered over the small stuff
  • I’m grateful
  • I find the good in everything
  • I choose to focus on opportunities to move forward
  • I am more powerful than my setbacks & circumstances
  • I know that joy is a choice & I choose it daily

Essentially, “travel light” reminds me to refuse to be burdened by anything. Let it go. Set it down. Travel light.

I really believe that often times, extra physical weight we carry is a physical manifestation of extra emotional weight we’re carrying.

More than that, most of the emotional baggage we carry with us is optional. We can & should set it down. We only carry it with us because we don’t realize that we can & should let it go.

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