388: The Keto Reset Diet with Mark Sisson

Sep 14, 2017

Today we have best selling author Mark Sisson on the show! Mark’s book The Primal Blueprint was a game changer for me when I was initially adopting a primal way of eating. On today’s episode we’re talking about his newest book, The Keto Reset Diet and how he thinks phases of what I’ll call “clean keto” are the next level of primal in terms of anti-aging, fat loss, performance, satiety & energy.

For an introduction to ketogenic diets, ketones and other general concepts, check out episode 387 of the podcast where I talk about this stuff from a high level to lay the foundation for today’s episode.

For today, we’re talking about why Mark considers keto phases the next level of primal and what kind of carb & protein intake he suggest for great results.

Mark said a few super powerful things in the episode that I want to highlight:

Building a fast metabolism as a health goal is completely flawed. Accelerated metabolic function accelerates again. 

Guys, it’s not that we need faster metabolisms. It’s quite the opposite. We need more efficient metabolisms that are optimized for fat burning. We can create that with our food choices and today Mark will tell us how.

He also said, “When I’m keto, I’m barely keto & when I’m not, I’m barely not”. 

Do you know what that is? It’s consistency. It’s getting to a place where there aren’t wild fluctuations in the quality & quantity of your diet. That’s what we need to focus on more than an inconsistent extreme approach.

I strongly recommend you check out his  new book, The Keto Reset Diet & definitely take a listen to today’s episode!

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The Keto Reset Diet

The mindset side of change cannot be overlooked. If you struggle with the consistency we talk about in today’s episode, make sure you sign up for the free mindset masterclass next week!

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Key terms:

Ketosis is a state of metabolic efficiency where you are able to burn stored energy in the form of body fat and ketones & not be dependent on regular high carbohydrate meals to sustain your energy, mood and cognitive focus.

Ketones are an energy source just like carbs, fat & protein are energy sources. Ketones can be used by your brain, your heart, and your muscles. Ketones are produced by the liver as a byproduct of fat metabolism.

Ketones produced under certain conditions:

  • blood sugar is low
  • insulin is low
  • muscle & liver glycogen stores are low

To understand more about this, listen to the following episodes of the Primal Potential podcast:

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