If you’re struggling with life, with mindset or just struggling to achieve a goal that means a lot to you, today’s episode is just for you! We’re diving deeper into the 7 reminders below.

7 Reminders For Times of Struggling

  1. Yes, there will always be reasons why you don’t want to do the work or it feels hard. There are also reasons why you do want to do the work. You choose which you give the most energy to.
  2. You are not stuck. You might have stopped, but that’s different. There are tons of options available to you.
  3. Growth and achievement feel way better than frustration and struggle. Keep pushing.
  4. You can make this a memory.
  5. Life is too short to be miserable.
  6. Focus on overcoming what gets in the way each day.
  7. You can ask for help.

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