568: Personal Growth – A Strategy for Immediate Progress

Mar 7, 2019

Recently, I shared in one of the Primal Potential VIP emails a personal growth mantra that inspires the heck out of me:

If you want to double your income, triple your growth.

To me, this doesn’t mean triple the growth of your business, it means triple your personal growth.

I believe this has much broader appeal.

If you want to double your rate of progress in any area of life, triple your personal growth.

If you want to 2x the quality of your relationships, triple your personal growth.

Without fail, one of the ways that I create personal growth every single day is via the circle of achievers inside the 12 Weeks to Transformation and the Primal Potential Masters Club. In fact, that might be one of the most powerful ways I create daily personal growth.

Recently, of my 12 WT clients shared someone that helped me grow tremendously, and we’re exploring it as a personal growth strategy in today’s episode. This is one you can apply immediately and with incredible results.

Here’s the post that started it all:

personal growth

In today’s episode we’ll be walking throug how this perspective can be applied to health, fitness, fat loss, relationships, careers and more. Through it’s immediate application, you will reduce stress & frustration and accelerate your progress toward any goal! This is a must-hear episode!


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