Episode 102: Alkaline Diets – Does pH Matter?

Nov 12, 2015

Today we’re going to look at alkaline diets and the theories behind them. We’ll establish what is true, what is not true and how these concepts should influence the choices you make. We’ll take a closer look at what foods leave behind acidic biproducts and those that do not. Should you emphasize more alkaline foods? Should you avoid acidic foods? We’ll cover it all.

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Alkaline Diets

What is the idea behind alkaine diets?

  • The pH of your blood is very tightly controlled
  • Certain foods leave behind acidic biproducts
  • Advocates argue that these foods influence the pH of the blood, as indicated by changes in urine pH
  • They also argue that regulating blood pH when eating many acidic foods leeches important minerals from bones
  • They argue that avoiding acidic foods reduces your risk of cancer

What’s right?

  • Urine pH is not reflective of blood pH in healthy individuals
  • Acid in the urine is proof that your body is regulating blood pH properly
  • Breathing is a built in mechanism that allows us to eliminate excess acid
  • Protein actually increases calcium absorption in the bones
  • Cancer creates acidic environments

What’s wrong?

  • Acidic environments do not create cancer
  • Your body does not regulate pH by breaking down bone

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