Episode 105: Are Protein Shakes Healthy? 4 Things to Know Before You Buy

Nov 26, 2015

Are protein shakes healthy? Can they help with fat loss? What is the best type of protein? What are the differences between whey, casein, soy and gelatin? Which is best? Should I buy isolate or concentrate? How important is grass fed? What about hormone free? Whoa. So much to consider, right?

In today’s episode we’ll be tackling all these questions and more!

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Are Protein Shakes Healthy?

  1. Do we need to supplement with protein?
  2. What is the difference between:
    1. Soy
    2. Whey
    3. Casein
    4. Gelatin
  3. How to pick the right protein:
    1. Tolerance – how a particular type of protein impacts YOUR body
    2. Quality – In this episode we’ll talk about types of processing that damages the protein, factors that create hormonal imbalance and factors that trigger an allergic reaction.
    3. Additives – sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, fillers
    4. Bioavailability – can your body even use it?
  4. How to get quick-absorbing protein after your workouts without protein shakes

4 Things to Know Before You Buy

  1. Most protein shakes are highly processed and the protein may be denatured while processing, meaning that you don’t get the benefit of much of the protein you’ve paid for
  2. Consuming protein in excess of your body’s daily needs can increase your blood sugar and accelerate fat storage & weight gain
  3. Low quality whey and casein protein shakes may contain bovine growth hormones and antibiotics, and contribute to serious hormonal chaos in your body
  4. Plant proteins are generally not as well absorbed as animal based products (they also don’t mix as well)
  5. Do not assume you can trust the label.

Buzz-Words To Look For When Shopping for Protein Powder

  • Grass fed
  • Hormone free (RBGH Free/RBST Free)
  • Cold-processed
  • Isolate
  • No antibiotics


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