681: Big Lessons from My 2019 Mastermind

Nov 14, 2019

In January 2019 I joined a mastermind that forced me to step outside my comfort zone. Surrounded by 7, 8 and 9-figure business owners, I’ve developed an entirely new perspective toward certain aspects of business and life.

In this episode, I share 7 important lessons I’ve learned from this mastermind, which I wrote down while traveling home from the most recent in-person mastermind we held. These lessons don’t just apply to successful business owners, but to anyone in all walks of life.

I’ve written an article that accompanies this episode below, so whether you choose to read, listen or both, be sure to spend some time reflecting on these lessons. I have, and the impact it’s had on me so far has been incredible.


  1. How you can take part in a free 7-day challenge that I’m running, and the two different ways you can sign up.
  2. The story behind how I joined this high-end mastermind, and how uncomfortable it made me feel when I did.
  3. The powerful lesson I learned from investing nearly $30,000 into this mastermind, and how this lesson applies to everyone (whatever sum of money is involved)
  4. The 7 powerful lessons I’ve learned from the most recent in-person mastermind that not only pushed me further outside my comfort zone but helped me reflect on my recent growth.
  5. One of the biggest differences between successful people living purposeful lives and everyone else still realizing what this looks like.
  6. The important role change plays in growth and development, and how successful people perceive it.
  7. A surprising lesson I learned about alternative revenue streams
  8. The reason why I signed up for another year in this mastermind, but the emotion that was missing this time around.


Doing this pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I was nervous. I had my doubts about whether I was ready…

And the money I had to invest in this? **puffs out cheeks** that part intimated the heck out of me!

Yet as I look back almost one year on, I know it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

You see, in January 2019 I joined a high-end mastermind. Most people in this mastermind were already at 7-figures. The purpose of it was to help us grow both personally and professionally through internal work and through their network.

Since January, we’ve had three 3-day mastermind events where we’ve got together, listened to guest speakers, set goals and taken part in A LOT of exercises and workshops. There’s a lot of on-going work, too, with monthly group calls, coaching calls and an online community.

But it’s these in-person mastermind events that have really pushed me.

As an introvert, I don’t find it easy working in groups like this where I don’t know anyone.

And when we first began, I knew nobody!

We’re also talking about really successful people here. I felt like I had to step up and become a higher version of myself. It was intimating, and I felt a lot of internal resistance.

I see this often when I talk to people interested in joining the 12 Weeks to Transformation.

They want to join. They know it will bring value to their life.

Yet they’re worried if they’re ready to make the leap. The money involved intimidates them. They know they’ll have to step outside their comfort zone, so they look for excuses as to why they shouldn’t.

I did this. This is what I went through. But I fought back because I knew I NEEDED it.

I’m glad I did because the growth I’ve experienced this year is incredible. I’ve learned so much from joining this mastermind, and today I would like to share 7 of these most powerful lessons with you.

I talk about each of these lessons in greater depth in the episode that accompanies this article. I encourage you to listen in full as it gives you a true insight into the power of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and surrounding yourself with people who empower you to step into your higher self.

1: We Don’t Ask For Help Because We Can’t Figure it Out on Our Own, But Rather So We Get Another Perspective (and get there quicker).

Everyone at the mastermind was capable of finding the solution on their own. They weren’t there because they were unable of doing it on their own. They were experienced, already successful business people. 

Some of them had multiple businesses!

Yet they chose to NOT do it on their own.

It’s an objection I often hear people say: I already know what I need to do. I just need to do it.

Knowing what you need to do is only part of the process. It’s often important to involve others because they give you a fresh perspective, a different outlook and help you get there quicker.

Take this most recent mastermind event… I arrived clear on my goals for 2020. I knew what I wanted to do and I was clear on how I would do it. Yet as I shared these with the group, they helped me spot things I hadn’t seen. They offered new ideas, and have helped me improve on my goals.

I didn’t need a solution. Yet they still helped me create a better one…

2: Everyone Has Some Degree of Fear

I’ve talked about fear a lot in recent episodes. It’s always part of the process. No matter who you are or how experienced you may be, you’ll always have some degree of fear.

  • The fear of failure…
  • The fear of not being good enough…
  • The fear of what other people will think.
  • The fear of change…

Everyone at the mastermind had fear. In fact, they showed greater fear than most people because they’re in the middle of building something huge (a business, new project, a massive goal). They were afraid and had doubts, and I imagine they can’t sleep some nights because of it.

Yet these same people see fear as a doorway, not a barrier.

Fear is part of the journey, but you must proceed anyway. It’s a feeling, like any other. Not a barrier. Not an excuse not to. Just a feeling that you can feel and move past.

3: We All Have Lower Limits and Upper Limits

I talk about this in greater depth in the episode, so I encourage you to listen to it in full.

An important lesson I’ve learned while surrounding myself with these people is that we all set ourselves two limits:

  • A Lower Limit: I can definitely do that. It will be easy.
  • An Upper Limit: I’m not sure I can do that. That’s beyond me.

Everything between these two limits represents your comfort zone. This is where you spend most of your life… doing more than what you know you can do, but never pushing yourself too hard.

Yet the powerful lessons I’ve learned is that we create these limits for ourselves.

They are stories YOU make up.

You define these parameters, and you, if you choose to, can redefine these parameters. You can raise the bar of the lower limit and bring the upper one closer to you. You can make your comfort zone less comfortable. It’s a choice, and it’s one everyone in the mastermind was conscious of making.

4: We Get To Choose To Be Better Every Day

You can choose to be a little better each day.

  • You can wake up a little earlier.
  • Workout a little harder.
  • Eat a little better.
  • Improve how you communicate with your clients.
  • Be more mindful…

Small, continuous improvements make a difference. Yet this is what seems to put so many people off. 

You convince yourself that you’re too busy to make significant changes. But you don’t need a lot of time to change. Just make a start and commit to being better each day.

Those in the mastermind live by this rule. They have huge goals and continue to make massive progress each time we meet. Yet they focus on turning up each day and committing to the journey ahead.

5: Successful People Create Clarity

This one has been huge for me!

Everyone in the mastermind is very clear about what they want from their life. Not just their goals, but the bigger picture and how it fits into their desired lifestyle. There’s a huge difference between the two, and it’s one that stops you from becoming an Unhappy Achiever.

You know the type, I’m sure.
Maybe you’re one of them…

A person who achieves their goals and is always progressing, but still never happy.
Why is that? Well, they’re not clear on what they really want… what they really want!

Take me… for years, I wanted to lose weight. I was clear on this goal. But I was never clear on the actual impact losing weight would have on my life, relationships and everything else. 

Once I got clear on this, I gave the goal to lose weight greater purpose. I was clear on the big picture and the life I wanted to live. Achieving goals has been much easier to do ever since. 

More importantly, they mean more when I do achieve them.

6: Be Okay with Change

This one surprised me, but around 90% of those in the mastermind has made some huge pivot at some stage this year. At each one of our in-person masterminds, a few people seemed to arrive and say something like, “Yeah. That didn’t work out. We had to scrap that and do this instead.”

They changed course and weren’t afraid to do so.

  • Maybe it didn’t work out…
  • Maybe it no longer aligned with what they wanted…
  • Maybe they realized it wasn’t a good fit for their business model…
  • Maybe it was their actual business model that needed to change…

These were big changes that brought a lot of pressure into their lives. Yet they realized a change was needed and so they made it. They didn’t see it as a failure, but rather a lesson and opportunity to do something else. They embraced change, adjusted and moved on with little-to-no resistance.

7: A New Outlook on “Network Marketing”

This one also surprised me…

I’ve never really known many network marketers. So over the years, I’ve developed a perception of what it is and the sort of person who does it. I didn’t think successful, 7-figure business owners would have anything to do with something like network marketing.

Yet, around 70% of the people in the mastermind were!

I didn’t get this at first. I’ve since totally shifted my perception, which I talk about more in the episode (listen to it in full here). Although the big lesson I’ve learned isn’t about network marketing, but rather how successful people are open to new opportunities.

They’re not closed-minded.
They don’t dismiss anything.

They don’t choose to do everything, of course. But they’re open to new ideas.

  • If it will make them more money…
  • Save them more time…
  • Diversify their portfolio or add a new income stream…

They’re open-minded. They come from a place of abundance.
Whereas someone with closed-mind works in fear, doubt, skepticism and scarcity.

I want to be more open-minded to opportunities and possibilities.
I thought I was, but being part of this mastermind helped to see I have work to do.

7 Powerful Lessons From My Mastermind Group

I’ve already signed up for another year in this mastermind. I didn’t feel nearly as intimated about the money involved this time around. It’s still a large investment, but I know this mastermind will continue to push me outside my comfort zone.

Over the last twelve months, I’ve realized just how powerful and impactful this is.

Although life inside your comfort zone may be safe and easy, you aren’t here to live a safe and easy life. You’re here to lead your best life! You can only do that if you push yourself beyond your current limits.

Surrounding yourself with the right kind of people plays a huge role in this.

If you want to see just how powerful this is, I invite you to join a Free 7 Day Challenge I’m running. Over these seven days, I’ll send you journal prompts, questions and other exercises that will help you push you outside your comfort zone and empower you to step up.

There are two ways you can get involved

  1. via the 12 Weeks to Transformation Wait List
  2. join the free Primal Potential Facebook Group

I hope you’ll join us 🙂

Thanks for reading today. Please listen to the podcast that accompanies this article in full. I go deeper into all seven of these powerful lessons, as well as share several stories and examples from my time in the mastermind.

I also talk about a huge lesson I’ve learned about money…

And how it applies to EVERYONE (no matter the amount involved).

And remember to join me on the Free 7 Day Challenge that’s coming up. 

There are two ways to get involved.

  1. via the 12 Weeks to Transformation Wait List
  2. join the free Primal Potential Facebook Group

Thanks again for listening and reading. If you have any questions about this mastermind or the experiences I’ve had, add them in the comments below. And to subscribe to the podcast and connect with me on social media, follow the links below.


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