593: Building Emotional Resilience

Apr 25, 2019

Building emotional resilience is one of the most powerful steps toward happiness, confidence, peace of mind and consistency but it certainly requires intentionality and practice.

In today’s episode we’re talking about how to go about creating this barrier to emotional volatility and how to enforce personal boundaries while practicing emotional resilience.

Emotional Resilience Questions

Was insult intended?

Do I know for sure?

What assumptions have I made?

Am I focused on the problem or the solution?

Am I judging someone?

Am I placing my standards and values on someone else?

What is the difference between what actually happened (the facts) and what I added to the story (assumptions/intent/feelings)?

What have I added to the facts?

What else could this mean?

Have I added insult where none was intended?

What if I decided to not take this so seriously?

What’s my role in this?

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