Q&A 8: Overcoming Self Limiting Behaviors – What To Do When Your Mind Controls Your Mouth

Feb 19, 2015

In this episode we are talking about the thing that derails our progress: our old, negative thought patterns. Yup, most of us are passive victims of our thoughts about our lack of willpower, our cravings and our bad habits. But we have the CHOICE to change those thought patterns and embrace new, productive, helpful thoughts that will propel us towards our goals and this episode tells you how.

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Question: In this episode we’re addressing the very common question about how to proceed when you have great intentions but you can’t get past your mental blocks related to food, progress, fitness or your own self worth.

Answer: “Learn to stop listening to yourself and start talking to yourself” Jon Gordon
Step 1: Become aware of your thought patterns and negativity
Step 2: Acknowledge that you have the power to interupt those thoughts
Step 3: Write down the new positive thoughts, behaviors & habits you want in your life
Step 4: Read them to yourself as soon as you become aware of any negative, useless thoughts. Begin and end each and every day with your affirmations.
Step 5: Don’t ever stop

Elizabeth’s Affirmations

  • Great things will happen today
  • I eagerly fuel my body with healthy foods
  • I constantly practice self discipline and willpower
  • I bring passion & intensity to my daily workouts
  • Every day my body is leaner and stronger
  • I control my thoughts and emotions
  • I choose happiness, positivity & gratitude
  • I am transforming people’s lives with enthusiasm and a servant’s heart
  • I am focused & determined
  • New opportunities arise every day

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