650: Coming from a Place of Possibility

Sep 2, 2019

Hi friends! Today, I’m happy to bring you Episode 650 of Primal Potential! Primal Potential is a podcast all about you — your ability to change is not defined by yesterday and doesn’t need to wait until tomorrow. Your transformation is now, no matter what stage you find yourself in life!

I’m so excited to share an edifying conversation that I had with one of my clients from the 12 Weeks of Transformation program! We dove deep in our discussion of self-affirmations and coming from a place of possibility rather than limitation! 

So often, we find ourselves getting in the way of our goals by putting limitations on what we can do. People need to shift their mindset into realizing that there are no limitations to your potential when you strive to overcome your doubts, delays, and inconsistencies. You have no limits when you get into the habit of pushing yourself forward and opening yourself up to possibility.

I’m going to share with you parts of my conversation with my client to illuminate her journey in shifting her mindset. She overcame her self-imposed limitations through positive affirmations and by pushing herself out of her comfort zone. The 12 Weeks of Transformation program immensely helped her develop the tools she needed to change her life, and it can help transform your life, too! 


Avoiding Negative Self-Talk


We began our conversation by discussing the common downfall of using a harsh internal voice to motivate your behavior. Many are under the misconception that talking to yourself like a drill sergeant will prompt you to change. They think that being hyper-critical of themselves will push them to grow. That may work temporarily, but that kind of intense self-scrutiny and negativity isn’t sustainable for changing your life. It may prompt you to eat healthier for a few meals or hit the gym a few times, but being hard on yourself will cause you to like yourself less and distrust yourself more.

Mindset is critical in your journey to change, so developing an unhealthy mindset of self-deprecation and negativity will disrupt your long term growth. It’s essential to develop the mindset of self-love and positivity. Loving yourself rather than antagonizing yourself will push you to make sustainable changes. 

Happier people are healthier, so put your drill sergeant to rest and adopt a positive internal voice!


Developing New Practices Through Affirmations


Affirmations are helpful tools to instill a positive and productive mindset. I teach affirmations in my 12 Weeks of Transformation program because they tap into your ability to self-love and transform your mindset into believing in your capacity for growth. 

My client finds affirmations essential in her journey towards limitless growth. She observed that we’re constantly self-talking, so it’s crucial to tell ourselves affirmations to initiate change. Specific affirmations that have helped her include “Being calm and present in the moment” and “I’m turning my weaknesses into strengths.” She recorded both these and other affirmations on her phone and reads them three times a day. 

Even though the transition into using affirmation may seem awkward at first, we must train ourselves to get into the pattern of positive self-talk. You can use your affirmations to push yourself towards your goals. For example, when my client first started using her affirmation “being calm and present in the moment,” it didn’t immediately instill a calmer demeanor — she used it repeatedly to train herself to remember to remain calm during her stressful day. 

Sometimes my client forgot to use the affirmation at a stressful moment and remembered it later, but eventually, she was able to shift her way of thinking through her use of the affirmation to keep calm during her stressful workdays. She retrained her brain by using her affirmation. Believing in your affirmations isn’t an instantaneous process — it’s a practice that you continue progressing in until it becomes mentally ingrained and changes your behavior. 

My 12 Weeks of Transformation program stresses taking on daily problems head-on through affirmations. Rather than getting stuck on the problem itself, we train ourselves to focus on finding the solution. Affirmations are all about developing positive beliefs and habits moving towards what we want. Having a daily affirmation such as, “I’m going to improve my financial situation today,” will shift your mindset into continuously making active changes towards your goal of financial success!

It may feel uncomfortable to utilize daily affirmations at first, but making changes in your life will always begin with getting out of your comfort zone. Everything that you want in your life is on the opposite side of the comfort zone, so you need to develop the mindset of overcoming your discomfort and insecurities. 

When you’re initially making changes in your life — like managing your money with more responsibility or developing new eating habits — there will always be a degree of discomfort, but you need to become the kind of person that doesn’t stop when facing adversity but starts. You need to train yourself to continue pushing yourself towards your goals!


Recognizing Our Limitless Potential


When you’re able to overcome your comfort zone and continue pushing yourself, there are no limitations to what you can do. If you remove your self-imposed limitations — remove your doubts, delays, and inconsistencies — the world opens up, and everything you previously regarded as a restriction disappears. My 12 Weeks of Transformation program helps individuals shift their way of thinking to realize that there are no limitations except for the ones that we put on ourselves. Once you’re able to get out of your own way, you can begin making serious changes in every area of your life and continue growing! 

My client discussed how looking back at the changes that she has already made motivated her towards further growth. She feels inspired when thinking back and noting the positive habits and changes that she made over the years. She realized that shifting her mindset enabled her to develop patterns of daily growth that never need to stop! She overcame the excuses that kept her from taking action, and now all of her self-imposed restrictions are gone! 

Like my client, you need to realize that you are in control of your own life, so don’t hinder yourself by your excuses, doubts, delays, and inconsistencies. Once you open up your world’s possibilities, you can improve every area of your life — your health, fitness, family, and finances! 

Recognizing your limitless ability to change opens up the door to endless possibilities — so go after it and make changes in your life! You can motivate yourself by thinking about how amazing you can be if you do your best and not hold yourself back!   


Changing Your Mindset to Open Yourself up to Possibility 


I asked my client what prompted her to start the 12 Weeks of Transformation program and begin changing her life. She told me that she recognized that the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of changing. She realized that she wasn’t happy with her choices in life, but coming to that realization illuminated the fact that she was in control and could change it. 

My client changed her life by shifting her mindset. She worked on herself and developed patterns of growth through perseverance and engaging with constructive books and podcasts — this podcast included — that helped open up her limitless potential. Through my 12 Weeks of Transformation program, she successfully shifted her mindset to remove the self-imposed limitations and developed a habit of action. She realized that with a mindset change, she could approach life with possibility rather than with self-imposed limitations and continue growing without any restrictions. 

My client discussed how the 12 Weeks of Transformation program helped her on her journey to limitless improvement. It inspired her to improve her relationship with her partner and not to settle for working a mediocre job. She admits that moving on from her secure job is scary, but she recognizes the importance of taking the plunge and getting out of her comfort zone to pursue the best version of herself!

I was so encouraged and inspired by my conversation with my client! I’m ecstatic to see her thrive, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she continues growing in her limitless potential! 

We are truly limitless, friends! You can always continue growing and progressing in the different areas of your life to accomplish everything you’re striving for and more!

I encourage you to get on the waitlist for our next 12 Weeks of Transformation! It will help transform you into approaching your life from a place of possibility rather than limitation! If you’re having difficulty tapping into your limitless potential or think that you can be doing more to grow, this course is 100% for you. It is all about you and getting you to overcome what’s holding you back. The program consists of a more personal and structured approach to beat day-to-day obstacles so that you can become that amazing person that you’re capable of becoming! If you think this may be right for you, don’t hesitate to check out the 12 Weeks of Transformation.

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Friends, I hope this episode inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and never stop pursuing your limitless potential! You are only bound by the limitations that you set for yourself. Overcome those barriers and strive towards unlimited growth! 


Elizabeth Benton

The Primal Potential Podcast

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