Episode 091: Eating Out for Weight Loss

Oct 13, 2015

Sometimes eating out can be a curve ball when you’re trying to lose weight, right? Today we’re going to make that easier! Eating out for weight loss is totally possible. You can make fat loss friendly choices just about anywhere. In today’s episode we’ll go through different restaurant genres and talk about good/better/best choices.

Of course it goes without saying that making fat loss friendly choices at home is super important too! And I’m not one for spending a ton of time in the kitchen. I try to share with you guys my favorite quick-and-easy-but-totally-delicious meals and recipes every couple of weeks. If you aren’t already, hop onto Primal’s free VIP email list! 

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Eating Out for Weight Loss

First and foremost you have to acknowledge your baseline. You do not need to make a jump from your current choice to the gold standard choice. You need to make a slightly improved choice. Can you jump from where you are to the gold standard choice? Absolutely! But can you get results by just making a slightly better choice? Of course! Continue to tweak, adjust and improve over time.

The guidelines when eating out for weight loss are the same as the guidelines when eating at home. You want to focus on keeping your blood sugar steady and avoiding those peaks and valleys.

In today’s episode we’re tackling how to improve your choices and make great choices at the following types of restaurants:







10 fat loss friendly choices at 10 fast casual restaurants

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