682: Not Satisfied After Eating? Emotional & Psychological Satisfaction & Other Listener Questions

Nov 16, 2019

Have you ever felt like you want to keep eating even when you know you’ve given your body enough fuel? This is an interesting question from a listener that we’re covering in this Saturday’s episode!

Here are the questions we’re tackling in today’s episode:

  • I am at the point where I want to make some career changes. I am currently studying to get my real estate license and I will be working with a great team once I am licensed. The company that I currently work for is not supportive of anything I do outside lab hours (in terms of part-time work) and they are not flexible to allow me to spend time on real estate. My goal is to be self-employed, although I feel the transition is not going to be easy with my current job. Are you still involved with real estate? I would like to hear more about your story of how you started your own businesses and transitioned to being self-employed.
  • I miss your “workouts I love” at the end of your episodes! My question is, what kinds of workouts can we do where we have some flexibility to chat?
  • How did you find your mentor?
  • Do you only coach people on weight loss and is the 12 Weeks to Transformation only about weight loss?
  • At 55 and no career to speak of (long story), can I still make something of myself or find my purpose?
  • Often times after I eat I just don’t feel satisfied. I know that I have fueled my body in a good way because I feel energized and not hungry but I just don’t feel satisfied (if that makes any sense) and I desire other foods that cause me to stray from my plan. Any thoughts?

Make sure to tune in through the end of the episode for the announcement of today’s winner of a bottle of digestive enzymes.

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