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Hey friends! I’ve put together a series of fat loss workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment. If you are new to working out, these are not for you! Remember that proper form is king – don’t take on these movements without first truly knowing proper form.

If you are struggling to make consistently improved food choices, I want to encourage you to put your energy there first. Working out can come when you feel like you’ve got your food choices more in control.


While you don’t need at home equipment, these couple of basics will set you up to be able to do hundreds of at home workouts!

Jump rope



Full Body EMOM

10 minute EMOM:

              • Jump rope
              • 40-second plank

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute.

Start the timer on your phone. For the first minute, you’ll jump rope. Keep jumping until 60 seconds have elapsed.

For minute two, hold a plank for 40 seconds. Rest 20 seconds.

At the top of the next minute, return to the jump rope.

Alternate  between these two movements every minute on the minute for a total of 10 minutes.

Body Weight Benchmark

Complete 1 round for time:

          • 100 body weight squats
          • 100 push ups
          • 1 mile jog

Resting only when you need to, you’ll do 100 body weight squats. Don’t move on to the push ups until you’ve completed 100 squats. Complete 100 push ups on your toes or your knees. After the push ups are complete, jog 1 mile as fast as you can.

Record your time. Re-test every 4 weeks to see your improvement over time.

Fast & Furious Fat Burner

Combine the following:

        • Burpee down chain from 10-1 (by 1)
        • Kettlebell up chain from 2-20 (by 2)

Confused? Don’t be! This is what you’ll do:

        • Start your timer
        • 10 burpees
        • 2 KB swings
        • 9 burpees
        • 4 KB swings
        • 8 burpees
        • 6 KB swings
        • 7 burpees
        • 8 KB swings
        • 6 burpees
        • 10 KB swings
        • 5 burpees
        • 12 KB swings
        • 4 burpees
        • 14 KB swings
        • 3 burpees
        • 16 KB swings
        • 2 burpees
        • 18 KB swings
        • 1 burpee
        • 20 KB swings

Fast Feet EMOM

21 minute EMOM

      • Minute 1 jump rope
      • Minute 2 burpee
      • Minute 3 rest

Complete 7 rounds of max jump rope for 60 seconds, max burpees for 60 seconds and 60 second rest.

Kettlebell Crusher

Complete 5 rounds for time:

    • 20 goblet squats
    • 20 kettlebell swings


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