Fear of failure and fear of missing out (FOMO) reflect incomplete truths – emotional corners of the truth – and we can overcome them! I’ve been having a lot of conversations with clients about fear and today we’re breaking it down so we can set ourselves free!

Questions from Today’s Episode:

  • What’s possible?
  • What stories do you tell yourself (or excuses do you sell yourself) that talk you out of your potential?
  • What else is true?

Fear is a liar because you are in control! You create your results! Fear of failure is a liar because you have the power of choice! You don’t have to fear failure because you control it with your own actions! The fear is a distraction!

Instead of submitting to the fear, challenge it with those questions. Instead of limiting yourself to the boundaries of your fears, choose to press on in spite of any fears.

“The fears you don’t face become your limits.” ~ Robin Sharma

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