532: Finding Your Power to Win

Nov 1, 2018

If I challenged you to complete a broad jump – to leap forward as far as you can – where would you place your feet before jumping? If your feet are spread too wide, you lose power. You can’t initate a powerful leap if your feet are spread wider than your hips. Similarly, you can’t jump as far if your feet are too close together. It’s pretty common for fitness coaches and trainers to correct someone’s stance. If your feet aren’t in the right place, you can’t perform well.

The same thing is true in life. Your power stance, in life, isn’t about where you put your feet but rather where you put your attention. If your attention is on the past or the future, you’re losing power to take full advantage of the moment you’re in.

If you want to immediately become a more powerful change agent in your own life, listen to today’s episode.


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