Follow and Like from iHeartRadio

Follow and Like from iHeartRadio

From your phone:

Step 1: Open your iHeartRadio app

Step 2: In the top right-hand corner select the search icon

Step 3: Search for Primal Potential

Step 4: Select the Primal Potential podcast

Step 5: This will take you to the podcast description and episode list

Step 6: Select an episode you would like to listen to and click it

Step 7: Once you are playing the episode you will see a thumbs up and thumbs down icon. Select the thumbs up if you like the episode!

From your Computer 

Step 1: Go to the Primal Potential iHeartRadio page HERE 

Step 2: Select the heart icon next to the podcast name to favorite and save the Primal Potential station

Step 3: Select an episode you would like to listen to and click the play icon

Step 4: If you like the episode and want to leave positive feedback select the thumbs up icon next to the episode

Step 5: If you would like to share the station or an episode click the three dots to the right of the episode and then click on “share.” This will walk you through sharing the episode on any social media outlet you would like.

Step 6: If you scroll all the way down on the page you will find an area to comment or “chat” about the show. Please leave any comments, questions, or reviews here!

Thank you!

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