643: Food Guilt, Family & Other Listener Questions

Aug 17, 2019

I love Saturday shows! Today we’re talking food guilt, food sensitivity, family meals and so much more!

Here are the specific questions from today’s episode:

  • I’m stressed out about my husband’s disorganization! How do I overcome my reaction to it?
  • Are the podcast episode notes available for early episodes? I am only on EP 021 and cannot find them on the app or online/website.
  • I struggle with guilty eating. Not feeling guilty for what I eat but feeling guilty for NOT eating. Example: every Sunday my parents cook spaghetti and meat balls and dessert and my mother is a self proclaimed food pusher. Between the Italian in them and the catholic guilt, I feel guilty they take all this time and money to make a nice meal and it’s not really something that loves me back.
  • What do you recommend to someone who has lots of food sensitivities?
  • I’ve hit a plateau – what advice do you have?
  • Is it detrimental to constantly argue with yourself for positive thoughts?
  • How did you grow your Primal Potential audience?

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