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Change Makers Productivity & Fulfillment Journal – Digital Edition

Every day, upgraded!

Do you ever end the day knowing you’ve checked the boxes but feeling like you accomplished nothing?

It’s much too easy for the day-to-day tasks to squeeze out the things that will really move you forward.

But how do you balance it all? How do you manage all the everyday obligations and make progress toward your big goals?

The Change Makers Journal was designed to solve these problems. Put time on your side, prioritize, and take action toward your goals every single day—no matter what life throws at you.

The Change Makers Journal is now more accessible than ever! It’s now less than half the price and digital! For just $19.97 you get your own Change Makers Journal file to type right into each day. Purchase once and have access for life! 

Balance? I don’t know her.

Do you seem to naturally have two speeds?

You’re either crushing your to-do lists, totally zoned in like a task robot OR you’re having fun, enjoying the moment and completely dropping the ball everywhere else.

Either way, it’s hard to find any kind of balance. Not to mention that even when you are super productive, you tend to hyper focus on one thing at a time.

Goal setting and achievement doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You just need the right tool to help you find balance.

Is your calendar overfull and ignored?

Ditch it! Then start a journal that actually works for you in small, manageable steps. Change Makers Fulfillment & Productivity Journal is going to redesign your daily routine.

Big Goal, Small Steps

It’s amazing to have lofty goals. But how do you make progress when you’re constantly putting out fires in everyday life?

The journal helps you break grand plans down into do-able steps you tackle everyday (to ditch the overwhelm) while helping you find room for all of your other to-do’s as well.

Life Investments

While you’re chasing big dreams, you don’t want to lose sight of the little (but important) things in your life.

Find time for a phone call with a friend, connect with your spouse, or send a thank you card. The journal keeps you on track, without letting real life and important relationships slip through the cracks

Your new home base

Crystal Clear Goals

Figure out exactly what you want, what will make the biggest impact right now, and how to get yourself there.

Life Balance

Life should be fun. And spontaneous! Knock out simple, daily steps, and enjoy your day without guilt or shame.

Personal Accountability

Stop setting and forgetting your goals! Be reminded of why you’re doing all this work and actually see how far you’ve come over time.

“I’m only just beginning, but is it too dramatic to say it’s changed my life?!
I love that it has me refocusing on my main goal everyday… not just writing it once and forgetting a week later. I love that I get to decide what kind of person I am- I NEVER said out loud or written down that “I am someone who accomplished what I plan to accomplish”, because, I very rarely was that person. But now, I am getting stuff DONE.”

“So many things do I love about this journal. I can sum it up by saying that it helps me focus and make positive progress every day. I’m in a particularly difficult stretch of life right now that is emotionally overwhelming. My journal is a tool that anchors me and helps me provide the structure I need to live through this storm.”

“Here are some of the changes in my life the past 90 days: 14 pounds and 3” lost; generated TWO new sources of extra income;; reached out and connected with distant friends and family; caught up on all doctors appointments. What a valuable tool for setting my intentions/goals and seeing them come to fruition.”

Your Daily Tool For Life Changing Action

Whether you have your goals locked and loaded, or need a little direction and focus, the Change Makers Journal will challenge you and transform your life for the better.

Change Makers
Productivity & Fulfillment
Journal – Digital Edition


  • Digital journal file
  • Type right in your journal each day or print it out
  • Unlimited use! You’ll never have to purchase it again!
  • Daily goal setting practices 
  • Monthly planning sheets

Total Investment: $19.97

The antidote to overwhelm.

Have you ever sat and thought about what would make your life truly amazing? Are you then inundated with all the reasons you don’t have (or can’t have) those things?

Maybe even simple things like traveling, having a close group of friends, feeling healthy and strong, or finding love seem far fetched.

But you can have those things. Other people—people just like you—are doing, and achieving, and working toward those things right now. And you can, too.

The Change Makers Journal will work for you if you let it. Despite past failure, or fear, it makes a difference. You can start right now!

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