615: Growth Without the Grind?

Jun 15, 2019

You know “the grind”? That feeling like you’re always working on something, that “effort” is “hard” or you’re just not enjoying the journey? It’s all hustle, all pursuit, no pleasure?

I’ve certainly been there. In today’s listener Q&A episode, we’re answering a bunch of questions including several about how to balance growth & progress with contentment and really enjoying life and the journey of each day.

This is such a critically important topic and I hope you’ll take a listen!

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Questions in Today’s Growth without the Grind Episode:

  • How do I balance what I want most with what I want now? I kind of just want to chill out and get out of the grind.
  • Are there any foods you never allow yourself to eat? (I reference this episode on Soy Story)
  • What do you think about something like the 21-Day Fix from Beach Body where you eat specific portions from specific-sized containers?
  • I have persistent cravings. I want to get healthier and I want to enjoy the food I’m eating, but how do I fight these cravings?
  • How do you learn to be content with what you have?


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