417: Health Hack for Metabolism, Wrinkles & Energy

Nov 21, 2017

Most of us aren’t taking advantage of a huge tool at our disposal: light.

Light has the ability to increase our metabolism, speed our healing, reduce inflammation, increase energy and much more.

Yet, we take it for granted. We think using light is quackery. It’s not.

Try to grow a plant in the dark. Overexpose a plant to light. See what happens.

Light is a super-nutrient, as important to human health as it is to plant health, if not more.

Light can dramatically improve our hormones, energy, metabolism, healing, immune system & more.

Alternatively, if not optimized, light can make us tired, unfocused, depressed and sick.

Today we are learning how light influences us, the different types of light and the differing impact and what simple and complex solutions we can begin to implement.

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