631: Patience, Momentum & Other Listener Questions

Jul 20, 2019

It’s another Saturday show! Sarah and I are answering your questions today!

How did you learn coping methods for dealing with anxiety and stress?

How much MCT oil do you use daily?

How to keep momentum going day to day?

I just listened to the episode on GMO’s and was wondering if when I search for “non-GMO” on Thrive Market, is that enough to go on or are there hidden ingredients that I need to be looking for?

Does rapid weight loss backfire into super quick weight gain?

I’ve read your book and have been listening to your podcasts. It’s been really helping, so thank you.  One thing I’ve noticed I’m struggling with is being patient with changes.  Like, I made great decisions for 3 whole days, and I still look the same.  It’s hard to keep going and stay motivated when it looks like it isn’t working.  And I know 3 days is not enough and the changes I want to see will take longer.  It just gets hard to keep going sometimes when you’re not “seeing” any results from your actions.

I have found myself drinking 2 GNC protein shakes, 2 protein bars and 2 Greek yogurts a day, with some sort of meat and cheese type of thing for dinner. I don’t even care that I’ve given up my cereal and ice cream and cheesecake, but if I have to eat, I would rather just swallow it whole. I just want to know if this is healthy. If I don’t get bored of it, can I sustain a diet this way? Is there a supplement or 30 I should add to make up for certain vitamins this diet might be lacking?

You mention a lot that you used to be over 350 pounds. Do you ever mention your current approximate weight?

How to find more like minded people. Friends that support and lift you up. Like you and Brooke Thomas talked about in episode 589.

Today’s winner is:

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What is ASCEND?
ASCEND is Primal Potential’s annual weekend workshop where we dive deep into personal growth, mindset and taking life to the next level.

When & where?
November 8th-10th 2019 in downtown Portland, Oregon. We’ll have a super casual meet & greet on Friday night with apps and drinks and then we’ll go all day Saturday and all day Sunday, wrapping up by 4pm Sunday.

How is it different from the podcast or from the 12 Weeks to Transformation?
Here’s the best way I can describe it – there is something truly magical that happens when you remove yourself from the distractions of daily life and give two full days to yourself – to your growth – to tearing down the walls that keep you from the very best, brightest life possible for you. This is as close as there is to a short cut to growth, progress and success. Every single time I do the work to step out of my life and invest myself in a business workshop or a personal development workshop, I leave feeling like I am YEARS ahead of where I was when I walked in. Folks who were at ASCEND in Nashville and Boston are STILL using the tools we explored there!

What can I expect?
For your expectations to be exceeded. Seriously. To leave feeling more clear, more focused and more inspired than you’ve ever been. To leave knowing what you want to do and believing that you can and you will do it!

What’s included?
In addition to the workshop material over two days, you’ll receive recordings of each session so you can revisit the material. Lunch is included both Saturday & Sunday and appetizers and drinks on Friday.. You’ll get a workbook and a great swag bag!

How do I get my ticket?
Click this link! There are only 80 total tickets for this event and as of July 17th, only 24 remain. 

Please note – this is an early bird price. Ticket prices will increase by $100 next week.

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