574: How To Create Personal Transformation

Mar 21, 2019

The idea of personal transformation can seem daunting – impossible, even. Fortunately, it’s far simpler than you might think!

In today’s episode, we’re exploring the simplest, happiest, most sustainable path to personal transformation and we’re doing so by way of a poem that one of my 12 Weeks to Transformation clients wrote and is allowing me to share.

On Creating Personal Transformation:

84 Days

84 days to make myself proud
84 days to say it out loud
That I am not limited, oh no, not me
I get to choose who I want to be


84 days to re-write my story
84 days to shine in my glory
My brain believes what I tell it to
I tell it be happy and powerful too

84 days for me to let go
84 ways to say, “Drama?” Just..NO
Emotional waste just isn’t my style
I’m staying in reality, not getting riled

84 days of daily fresh starts
84 days of doing my part
Daily I’ll journal and set my small goals
And soon I realise that I’m on a roll!

84 days of choosing to be grateful
84 days of being optimistic and hopeful
Focusing my mind on beauty and grace
Beginning to see possibilities all over the place

84 days of “What do I WANT”?
84 days of questions and thoughts
I answered the questions and my heart is reeling
I just discovered “The Goal Is The Feeling”.

84 days and yes, I did drift
84 thoughts and emotions to sift
I got sucked in to my own futile nonsense
I needed EB, her words and good sense

Now it’s 24 days and I’ll finish well
24 days with a mindset that’s swell
I’ve set new goals and they’re big and they’re good
They’ll take some effort as worthwhile goals should

24 days and I am undaunted
24 days to get where I wanted
I don’t need a formula or scalpel precision
I just keep on making One Good Decision

84 days of creative solutions
84 days of generating motivations
I’m making goals with energy and passion
I’m even manufacturing enthusiasm!

84 days of affirmations
84 days of identity creation
Now I am prepared to go from strength to strength
I’m standing tall now, I AM as I THINK…

~ Shannon L

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