Ep 127: How To Reduce Stress & Get More Results Through Simplification

Jan 19, 2016

Most of the people I talk to feel overwhelmed. They want to take control of their health & their habits but they’re overwhelmed by life. They’re taking care of family, working, maintaining their home. It’s a lot.

That’s what this episode is for. I want to help you understand how to reduce stress and get more results by simplifying your environment, your mind & your life.

I’ve created a free guide for you so you can take the concepts in this episode and implement them into your life. Click the button below to get your free simplification guide! But definitely make sure to listen to the entire episode! I know it will be incredibly helpful for those of you who feel stressed, overwhelmed & life you just don’t have enough time or bandwidth to achieve your goals.

how to reduce stress

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how to reduce stress

How To Reduce Stress

  1.  Identify what is important to you
  2. Eliminate the rest

Simplification isn’t just about your schedule or your thoughts. We can simplify many areas of our lives as we consider how to reduce stress & accelerate progress towards our goals.

It’s easier to keep up than it is to catch up – stay on top of recurring tasks if you can’t eliminate or outsource them

Understand & respect Parkinson’s Law – tasks will expand to fill up the time you allot to them. This is where they phrase “If you wait until the last minute it only takes a minute” comes from. Assign a fixed amount of time to complete a task and then focus exclusively on that task for the pre-determined interval

The simplification guide will help you simplify each of the following categories with dozens of suggestions for how to reduce stress by making changes in each of these areas

  • Environment & Space
  • Time
  • Mind


how to reduce stress

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The One Thing by Gary Keller

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