469: Is Extended Fasting Healthy?

Mar 29, 2018

Is extended fasting healthy? Will it put you in starvation mode, lower your metabolism and make you burn muscle? What are the benefits of extended fasting? Who should do it? Who shouldn’t? What are the benefits? How do you do it? What can you eat? What can’t you eat? How long should a fast be? Is 1 day enough? How long do I have to fast to get benefits?

So many questions about extended fasting and we’re tackling them today! Plus, I’ll be sharing details of my recent 7 day fast including why I did it, how I felt, what benefits I experienced, if I’d do it again and how I broke my fast.

If you’re curious, interested or even skeptical, make sure to check out this episode!


The Complete Guide To Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung & Jimmy Moore

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