649: Making the “Leap” From Knowing to Doing

Aug 31, 2019

It’s another Q&A episode! We love answering your questions and you can send us yours here! Here are the questions we are tackling today:

  • How do you stop preferring junk food over real food?
  • I struggle between 2-4pm. I’m not hungry but I just want to eat. Any suggestions?
  • Can insulin sensitivity cause problems with the menstrual cycle?
  • Is there any hope that I will get off this hamster wheel of wanting to change but not doing anything about it?
  • How do I make the leap from knowing to doing the things I know?
  • I have been hit with adrenal fatigue, empty nest syndrome, and menopause all at once. I am having a very difficult time finding my new purpose in all of this?

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