Episode 067: Mary The Paleo Chef

Jul 21, 2015

In today’s episode we’re talking with Mary The Paleo Chef! Mary Shenouda is one of my personal coaches and friends. We talk about phat fudge, the benefits of starting your day off with healthy fats, why calorie counting doesn’t work, if food intolerances are actually a good thing and her personal approach to health and healthy food. Want more from Primal Potential or have questions for Elizabeth? Want meal ideas, recipes & workouts? Get on the VIP e-newsletter list! It’s totally free! 

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Mary, The Paleo Chef

Something About Mary:
Hi, I’m Mary – Private Chef & Lifestyle Coach. Long story short, I  used to be sick and now I’m thriving after healing myself through food and lifestyle changes. I used to dominate the corporate hustle and now I’m bringing paleo (paleYOU) and #eatplaycrush mainstream. That’s my mission, to clear the proverbial air around eating paleo and make it simply about eating real food and enjoying the good life. Scratch that, it’s about living a GREAT life.


Elizabeth & Mary dish on:

  • Can food be medicine?
  • Counting calories
  • Why you should start your deay with healthy fats
  • PaleYOU vs. Paleo
  • The role of mindset in life, health & fat loss
  • Are food intolerances actually a good thing?
  • Phat Fudge
phat fudge

Quality fats for a high performance life!

How good do you really want to feel? Are you willing to put in the work?


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Bulletproof Coffee

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