475: Mind The Truth That Moves You Forward

Apr 19, 2018

I don’t watch much television but I really enjoy Showtime’s Billions.

On a recent episode, Wendy Rhoades, an in-house psychiatrist for a prominent hedge fund, is counseling a one of the firm’s executives.

The executive is struggling because the firm profited from a major disaster. It was a moral struggle and a question of right and wrong.

Wendy was clear & direct. She said, when you’re here, “mind the truth that makes you money”.

I paused the show and wrote it down.

We find ourselves in all sorts of true moments. We want the cookies. A second glass of wine would taste amazing. We’re tired. All true, right?

There are truths that take us in all directions. Truths that keep is where we are. Truths that move us forward. Truths that take us further from our goals.

In today’s episode we’re riffing off that idea from Billions: mind the truth that moves you forward.

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