613: No More Missing Out on Vacation

Jun 10, 2019

Do you struggle with not wanting to miss out? Do vacations, travel or evenings out get you worried about that line between deprivation and over-indulgence?

Travel used to be a total train wreck for me. I was constantly worried about food. I worried about eating too much. I stressed about not enjoying things enough and feeling like I was on the sidelines, deprived.

I really saw it as either/or – either I indulge and feel frustrated with myself, or I don’t and I feel like I’m missing out and deprived.

Last week, I took a vacation in Bermuda. I shared a lot of pictures in my Instagram stories and posted daily recaps in our private (free) Primal Potential FB group. Today, I’m sharing the mindsets and strategies I employed to ensure that I didn’t ever miss out AND I felt amazing every single day! You never have to feel like you’re missing out again AND you don’t have to return feeling like you “blew it”.

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