691: Overcoming Comparison & Judgement

Dec 7, 2019

It’s time for a Q&A episode! We are answering your questions about comparison, judgement and so much more!

Here’s the list of the questions we’re diving into today:

  • How do I stop widening the gap? Even when I know inaction is the issue but I do it anyway. (To understand this question, please listen to episode 683 of the podcast)
  • How would you describe your best day?
  • How do I learn to not care what other people think, or not compare myself with someone else’s journey?
  • Any specific dietary suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am so confused by ALL the information available- I just shut it down due to overload. I would like some practical, reasonable approaches, especially for any snacks, etc.
  • I’ve lost weight through a program and am now trying to succeed on my own. How do I successfully transition and not backslide?

We’re giving away a box of turmeric latte from Four Sigmatic! We announce the winner at the end of the episode so watch out for that!

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