Episode 018: The Key to Permanent Weight Loss – A How-To Guide

Feb 24, 2015

Ready for permanent weight loss? Have you tried a million times but never succeeded? In this episode we talk about how most of us go about behavior change in the wrong way and why it leads to failure. Then we dive into a step by step process for how you can changes that will lead to effective fat loss but will also be EASY to maintain for the rest of your life!

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The problem:
 So many people tell me: I don’t know where to start! Or, there’s so much information, how do I know what’s right? Or, I do ok at breakfast but I always blow it after dinner. There’s a common problem with all of these questions, concerns & challenges. YOU ARE TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH.

The Solution: Go back to the 80/20 rule (episode linked below) and identify what few activities produce the greatest results for you. An easy way to do this, which we talk about in detail in this episode, is to complete a SWOT analysis. Look at what has the potential to really hold you back and then target activities that can help you to avoid or overcome these challenges.

Practical Implemention:

  • Complete a SWOT analysis
    Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats as they relate to your ability to improve your nutrition choices & change your lifestyle to reach your fat loss goals.
  • Identify what weaknesses and threats could hold you back the  most
  • Identify ONE small change you can make to help you overcome that most significant threat or weakness
  • Practice it until it becomes effortless. When you fail, keep trying. When you mess up, don’t quit.
  • Once it is effortless and habitual, go back to your SWOT analysis. What are you current weaknesses & threats? How can you minimize their ability to throw you off course? Identify another ONE thing.
  • Practice, practice, practice, practice.

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