594: Personal Power – Practical Ways to Step Into It

Apr 27, 2019

It’s another listener Q&A episode and today Sarah and I are diving into your personal power and practical strategies to help you step into it!

For each of the questions we’re covering in today’s episode, we return to your personal power – your ever present ability to create improvement and make change!

Questions covered in today’s episode include:

  • I’m looking for an accurate answer as to whether or not I can consistently get results with bulletproof coffee for breakfast, meat & veggies for dinner and carb refeed every 5th day.
  • How can I get comfortable with my changing body?
  • I go off the rails when I’m on vacation. Have you done episodes on vacation or travel? Do you have any go-to snacks for travel?
  • How do I consistently make myself a priority?
  • How do I stay focused?
  • How can I channel the success of getting out of debt to win with weight loss?

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