Episode 015: Primal Principles for Fat Loss

Feb 12, 2015

In this episode we talk about what Primal is, why I chose the Primal approach and define my top 10 Primal Principles for Fat Loss and how they’ll help you reach your goals and maintain them for life. I talk in depth about why diets don’t work and some of the short term strategies that backfired on me along my weight loss journey. I also talk about why I have absolutely ZERO concern that I’ll ever put the weight back on.

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The Challenge: People think that dieting is the only way to reach their fat loss and weight loss goals. They’re looking for a short term strategy to give them long term results. It just doesn’t work that way!

The Solution: Identify a strategy that you know YOU can maintain forever. Find fat loss foods you love. Find fat loss foods that satisfy you. Retrain your taste buds by enjoying whole, healthy foods as nature intended them.

Practical Implementation: We talk in detail about my top 10 Primal Principles for health & fat loss. Here they are:

  1. Focus on plants and animals
    Build your meals around lean proteins, healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables. If you do this, you really don’t need to stress over portions.
  1. Reduce your intake of grains
    I know people don’t like to hear this, but if lasting fat loss is your goal, just do it. I promise that over time you’ll hardly miss them. It’s a tough transition but it’s crucial for both fat loss and overall health.
  1. Minimize starchy vegetables
    There is a time and a place for starchy vegetables (think potatoes, squash, etc) and everyone is different. For me, I’ve found that it works best to have them post-workout or at the end of the day. Remember: the goal is sustainable fat loss.
  1. Avoid processed foods – even “healthy” ones
    If it has an ingredient list, it shouldn’t be a part of your daily diet. Keep it as clean and simple as possible. If its in a box or a bag, proceed with caution. Protein bars are great convenience foods in a pinch and there are some good options out there and shakes can be great at times but cleaner is leaner so keep that in mind.
  1. Walk as much as you can. Slowly.
    This helps with fat loss, stress management and much more. Just do it. Don’t sweat, don’t even get winded just relax and go for a walk.
  1. Build muscle
    Lift heavy things. You want your body to be an efficient fat burning machine and this requires muscle. You don’t want to lose fat and look like a big bag of mushy skin, right? Build a strong base. Lift stuff.
  1. Sleep More
    I know it’s hard. None of us sleep enough. Find a way. I cut my TV time at night and I started working less. This impacts my mood, motivation and cravings in a major way.
  1. Make stress reduction a priority
    Start small. Five minutes a day of quiet time or a bath before bed every night. Identify small changes you can make and do them consistently.
  1. Sweets are occasional treats – healthy or not
    There are lots of recipes out there for “paleo cookies” and every sweet under the sun using whole foods like almond flour and coconut butter, etc. Those are good for special occasions but should not be a part of your every day plan. Keep it simple. Your body will thank you.
  1. Avoid toxins
    When you can, buy the highest quality produce available. Organic fruits and veggies. Grass fed meats. Yes, they are more expensive but you will pay in the long run if you continuously introduce toxins to your body through the food you eat and the chemicals you expose yourself to.

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