Ep 112: Protein Bars For Weight Loss – A Buyers Guide

Dec 15, 2015

Are protein bars healthy? What are the best protein bars for weight loss? In today’s episode we’re talking about things to consider before choosing a protein bar and figuring out whether or not they work for YOU. Many people make big mistakes with protein bars. They think they’re making a healthy choice but either they’re choosing a super unhealthy bar or they’re not realizing that even a “healthy” bar just doesn’t work for them!

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Protein Bars for Weight Loss – A Buyers Guide

Before we dive into the good/bad/ugly of protein bars for weight loss, here are the issues I have with them in general:

  • Using them as a snack but creating more of a meal when a meal isn’t needed
  • Eating them when you aren’t hungry because you feel like it’s a “healthy” choice. (Healthy choice or not healthy choice isn’t the problem if you aren’t hungry!)
  • Choosing bars that are glorified candy bars – junk ingredients, junk protein, lots of artificial ingredeints and often a TON of sugar
  • Eating bars even when they are triggering cravings

First, let’s establish WHY you eat them and IF they work for you (or not). Take a few minute to answer the following questions:

  • Am I using bars as a meal or a snack?
  • Am I eating bars when I’m truly hungry or are they a distraction?
  • When are you eating bars? (pre workout, post workout, breakfast)
  • Do they satisfy your hunger? With 1 serving? (for many many people, they are a trigger)
  • Do they increase or decrease your cravings?
  • What is it you like about them:
    • Convenience
    • Taste/flavor/sweet
    • Texture

In this episode we’ll talk about the factors you need to look at when choosing a bar, especially when your goal is weight loss. In addition to the above considerations, we’ll talk about:

  • Protein
  • Calories
  • Servings
  • Sugar
  • Fiber
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Unstable fats

protein bars for weight loss

protein bars for weight loss

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