Q&A 18: Menopause and Fat Loss, Superfoods, Scale Frustration & Staying On Track

Jul 4, 2015

Today’s Q&A is another “random show”! Short answers to a handful of questions including how to handle menopause and fat loss, whether or not superfood supplements are worth it, overcoming scale frustration and staying on track when life gets crazy. If you find this episode helpful or if you have questions, hurry up and get on the VIP e-newsletter list so we can stay in touch and so I’m sure to answer your questions!

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Listener Questions Covered on the Show:

  • As I near menopause, it is becoming much more challenging to burn fat. How do I handle menopause and fat loss? I know there are hormonal factors at play. What are your recommendations?
  • What is your take on high density superfood drinks, such as Kylea Total Living Greens Drink, Beachbody Shakeology, Athletic Greens, etc.  Is it even possible to get your body’s total vitamin and mineral needs through diet alone or is it beneficial to supplement with these “superfood” drinks or any other product claiming to provide high quality dense nutrition that we are missing out on because the average American  diet doesn’t consist of a variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis?
  • My clothes are fitting better but the scale isn’t moving! What should I do?
  • I know life is going to get crazy at times and I’m worried that I’ll veer off track as soon as stress hits. How can I manage to not let it throw me off?

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