Q&A 21: Random Show – Hot Flashes, Fear of Failure, Snacking & Sleep

Jul 18, 2015

Today we’re tackling another episode of the Random Show – answering a variety of listener questions on a random assortment of topics including overcoming your fear of failure, hot flashes, snacking, trouble sleeping and the best way to track your food and hormonal biofeedback.

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Questions Answered on the Show:

Question 1: I’m having a hard time logging my food, hunger, emotions, etc on a daily basis. Tried using a small notebook but found I just wasn’t following through. Wondering if you had any recommendations of good apps I could use on my phone?

Question 2: I have noticed that whenever I have a not so good day with my eating I usually pay for it the next morning when I wake up with major hot flashes. I used to have them all the time (I’m in my 40s) until I cleaned up my diet based off what I’ve learned from your podcasts. I went about 8 weeks with a near to perfect diet feeling fantastic everyday. I decided to celebrate a friends birthday recently and had some pizza and a couple cupcakes, I figure it can’t hurt to do so every now and then, but sure enough woke up the next morning with the hot flashes. Just wondering what the link is between the hot flashes and a not so good day of eating. I assume it’s hormone related, is that correct?

Question 3: I just finished hack my habits, and one of my biggest anchors is night snacking.  After I put the twins to bed I start searching for something to eat and then I’ve eaten a whole box of cereal.  What would be the best way to hack this habit? Modify it or change it? I need some more support to attack this anchor and finally let it go!

Question 4: I can’t sleep! I know this is messing with my food choices but I just can’t fall asleep and stay asleep! Can you help?


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