Q&A 33: Random Show – MCT Oil, Fasting, Disordered Eating

Oct 24, 2015

Another day, another random show! Answering a hodge podge of listener questions on a wide variety of topics including pre-workout nutrition, MCT oil and acne, fasting, disordered eating and negativity!

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Today’s Random Show

  1. I recently switched from coconut oil in my coffee to MCT oil and I’m noticing acne, which I never struggled with before. Is there a link between MCT oil and acne?
  2. Can you explain why coffee is bad?
  3. I’ve been chewing my food and spitting out. Should I be concerned that I’m developing an eating disorder?
  4. What do you think about going into morning workouts fasted? Is that best for fat loss?
  5. What’s the ideal length of an overnight fast?


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