535: The Random Show – Starting A Business, Procrastination & Your Body

Nov 12, 2018

I love when you ask questions and suggest topics for the podcast. You know why? Because that’s the whole point of the Primal Potential podcast! The entire goal is to help you help yourself! This is your podcast and my sole objective is to help you help yourself live a happier, healthier life! If you have questions or are struggling, be sure to let me know so we can begin to work through them on the show!

Just the other day on Instagram, I asked what questions or topics you’d like to hear about on the podcast. A ton of of you submitted questions and I’ve divided them into two episodes.

In episode 534 we talked about binge eating, the holidays, travel and resisting negativity. Today, we’re taking a hard right turn. I’m answering your questions about starting a business, overcoming procrastination, recovering from workouts and, though seemingly random, what’s behind acid reflux and what (surprising) thing you can do to make it better.


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