Episode 036: Turn Adversity into Opportunity with Tim Bauer

Apr 16, 2015

I had so much fun interviewing Tim Bauer a few weeks ago we decided to do an encore episode! Tim and I both happen to be big fans of stoic philosophy or the notion that there is opportunity in all adversity and in this episode we take a deep dive into how we have both used stoicism to help us reach our fat loss & health goals.

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How Tim defines stoicism: Becoming anti-fragile. Anti-fragile is not the same as resilient. Tim explains how working towards being anti-fragile means letting adversity actually make you stronger.

How Elizabeth defines stoicism: The practice of turning adversity into opportunity for growth and strength.

Things we talk about in this episode:

  • Dealing with plateaus and weight gain and using those situations to actually accelerate and solidify our progress
  • How to use post-mortems and SWOT analyses to help you reach your goals
  • We aren’t unique in your struggles with temptation
  • How we each use stoicism in our daily lives
  • Loose skin and skin removal surgery
  • How to know if it is your perspective that is causing your challenges
  • How Tim eats healthy on the road
  • Baptism by extra virgin olive oil???


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