Strong FoundatioNs

with Elizabeth Benton & Morgan Bungerz

Do you know you need to build muscle and get stronger but you just aren’t sure how?

Do you get frustrated with your weight and feel like you’re destined to be flabby or can’t eat carbs if you have any hope of progress?

Are you not totally sure what an effective workout looks like?

Do you have reservations around strength training in terms of injury, limitations, picking appropriate weights or knowing how to move safely?

Do you need clarity around what to eat, how much and when?

For the longest time, I focused too much on how much I weighed and not enough on how much weight I could move. The truth is, when you build strength and prioritize muscle mass, everything gets easier.

  • Your energy increases.
  • Your mood improves.
  • You look less flabby.
  • You burn more fat more easily.
  • Your body can tolerate more carbohydrates without weight gain.
  • You move better and experience less pain.
  • You reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  • You improve your posture and protect your bones.

Strength and fitness expert Morgan Bungerz has teamed up with Elizabeth and the Primal Potential community to bring you Strong Foundations
– a 5 week primer for getting happier and healthier by getting stronger, no matter your age or experience.

* No gym required    * No experience required

Together we’ll cover workouts, modifications for your ability and physical abilities, selecting weights and knowing how and when to progress, optimizing your form for foundational movements, nutrition principles and recipes and so much more.

This program is easily worth more than $1,000 but you can access it for only $197! 

In our 5 Weeks you’ll:

  • Learn how to workout for strength and fitness
  • Improve your form and technique
  • Get a specific workout routine
  • Learn how to scale and modify as needed
  • Understand how to monitor progress
  • Establish a nutritional approach
  • Access coaching for all your questions and concerns

Our official kickoff is Monday January 8th and
we’ll run for 5 weeks. In that time, you will receive

In that time, you will receive:


  • A comprehensive e-book with critical information, movement tutorials, recipes and more
  • Weekly live coaching with Morgan and Elizabeth (these sessions will be recorded and replays will be available)
  • Daily emails to help you learn, implement, troubleshoot and stay on track
  • Nutrition education

Tools for

  • Scaling workouts
  • Selecting weights
  • Supplementing for fitness
  • Myths about movement
  • Dos and Don’ts for Core Strength
  • Selecting rep ranges
  • Picking a great coach or trainer
  • Staying on track despite being unmotivated
  • Overcoming obstacles


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To listen to a long form training with answers to dozens of questions about this program and detailed explanations of how it works, please click here. 

Disclaimer: *Consult your health care provider before embarking on any change of diet, lifestyle or physical fitness. Morgan and Elizabeth are not health care providers and are not providing medical advice*

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