The Consistency Course

Struggle Free, Simple Systems That Unlock Consistency, Build Confidence & Create Results

All around us we see people selling “what you need to do” but no one is offering “how to get yourself to do it consistently”.

Until now.

How many times have you created a plan or set clear intentions only to let yourself off the hook and not follow through on what you said you’d do?

Getting yourself to do the work you plan to do consistently – that’s a different skill set altogether. And, unfortunately, it’s a skill most of us haven’t spent time building.

The skill of consistency.

Without consistency, goal pursuit looks a lot like this:

  • You have periods of high motivation where you’re executing really well, followed by periods of low motivation where you nearly undo all the progress you created
  • You do well during the day or during the week, but everything falls apart at night or over the weekend
  • You set really clear goals and intentions, but when you’re stressed, tired, traveling or overwhelmed, you give yourself a pass and pledge to do better tomorrow

Investing in building the skill of consistency will change your life.

  • You’ll go from focusing on everything you can’t do to taking advantage of what you can do.
  • You’ll embrace the fact that consistency demands flexibility – flexibility doesn’t give us a reprieve from consistency
  • You’ll rise above all-or-nothing patterns of thinking because you see all the opportunity that lives between extremes
  • People will beg to know how you did it! As your consistency inevitably produces results, your friends and family will beg to know what you’re doing!
  • You’ll stop freaking out when your circumstances change, you have a weekend away or a big event because you have the skills (and the mindset) to create consistency in inconsistent settings

What will you find inside The Consistency Course?

  • 100% success guarantee
  • Weekly office hours for progress report feedback & coaching
  • Private daily podcast on creating consistency & implementing (5 episodes/wk)
  • Minimum effective daily tracker (for when you’re struggling, overwhelmed or having a hard time getting back on track)
  • Weekly & monthly progress reports
  • Live coaching with Elizabeth 2x/month
  • Access to message Elizabeth with questions or challenges (privately or publicly)
  • Free, lifetime access to all 3 levels of the 12 Weeks to Transformation program
  • 5 Mandatory Mindsets for Success (paradigm shifts to end excuses and find a way!)
  • Cheat codes that align with success (stack the deck in your favor!)
  • 4 Step Process for Getting Results
  • Unlearning the Pattern of Drifting and Disengaging
  • Realistic Reframes – How to Turn Your Excuses to Results
  • Cheat Sheet for Creating Evening Improvements
  • Live Coaching Archive
  • How to reclaim your determination in 3 minutes or less
  • Simple ways to win when “life” gets in the way
  • Strategies for simplicity – chart a course to consistency no matter how many balls you’re juggling
  • And much, more more!

100% Success Guarantee!

If you find you aren’t getting increasingly consistent as you go through The Consistency Course, Elizabeth will individually coach you, at no extra charge, until you are! Failure is not an option! You have NOTHING to lose except your excuses!

“I’ve learned in my 6+ months with you in The Consistency Course not to expect it to continue smoothly without bumps and occasional setbacks, but with the tools I’ve learned I’m making really good progress and I’ve just about reached my weight loss target!”


“Thank you Elizabeth! The problem solving worksheet is a tremendous tool for me!”

Carol H

“A few months ago I emailed to update you about my progress from our original discovery call back in Summer 2022.I let you know that after 4 years of fertility treatments failing, I was pregnant and that It Starts With the Egg was a complete game changer for me and I truly believe that my work within the Consistency Course is what led us to ultimate success.As I write this, I am currently 35 weeks pregnant, and while that is insanely amazing and wonderful, and if I’m being honest – completely surreal – I want to share with you a few other “wins” that I’m celebrating as a result of your course.
1. I am 35 weeks pregnant, and I’ve not even hit my pre-pregnancy weight yet. (This may change in the last few weeks as gains increase, but I’m so proud of myself and my consistency.) I lost 10 pounds in the first trimester by following a combination of your advice and The Glucose Goddess (being so overweight, I really made it my goal to not develop gestational diabetes, and I totally kicked ass at that goal!)
2. I have healed my relationship with my husband by CONSISTENTLY providing him the same courtesy I would want/expect/need myself. I know we’re both stressed (first it was fear of another loss, then it was fear of not being ready, and now it’s just fear of the unknown surrounding parenthood).
3. I’ve learned that not everything needs to be a big deal. Small things add up if I keep letting them, but small things corrected quickly and without drama never compound, and my stress levels in general have improved vastly from this.
4. If I can do it in 5 minutes or less, I don’t put it off until later. For me this looks like an organized house (organized chaos sometimes, but organized nonetheless). I truly believe this is going to set me up for success when my time becomes consumed by an entire new human living in our home.
5. I got a new job, for $20k more annually, WHILE PREGNANT, because I chose to believe that I deserved to work for a company that respects me. I had myself convinced to stay where it’s safe, to stay “just in case” I get pregnant. I put it all in God’s hands, and decided that if I got both a new job and had a successful fertility cycle… then it’s just my blessing and I am worthy of both.
These are just a few cliff notes on how well this course has been received in my life, and I just felt compelled to share. I have so much gratitude for you, the course, the teachings, and myself for investing in me.”
With consistency, our lives can change A LOT in just a little time!

Carol H


How can I learn more?

Great question – watch this super thorough training and towards the end (in the last 20 min) I talk a lot about how The Consistency Course works and what you can expect. 

>>> Watch the training <<<

Is there a Facebook group for The Consistency Course?

We’ve recently moved TCC off Facebook and onto a fabulous community forum called Circle. You’ll find fantastic community and discussions there, plus it’s a lot easier to navigate than a FB group!

When are the coaching calls?

I post the calendar at least 1 month out and the days and times vary month to month. But, they’re all recorded so you won’t miss a thing if you can’t be there live, and you can ask questions any time before or after a call.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay for a year up front at a discount (and get access to all the tools and resources right away) or you can pay monthly and get access to new tools and resources every month. For the monthly payment option, there is a 6-month minimum (consistency doesn’t happen overnight and we’re fully committing to each other in this process!)

Can we ask questions anytime?

Absolutely and please do! I am fully invested in your path to consistency! I check the group and answer questions Monday-Friday.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Consistency takes time to build. We are completely confident in your success and that’s why we offer our 100% success guarantee. If you join with the monthly subscription, there’s a 6-month minimum. You can cancel anytime after your 6th month. There are no refunds for MOMENTUM but it too comes with our 100% success guarantee. There are no refunds for an annual subscription but you can cancel your rebill at anytime. 

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