Episode 039: Understanding the Science of Fat Loss

Apr 23, 2015

In today’s episode we break down the nitty gritty behind the science of fat loss. We look at exactly what has to happen to burn fat completely and keep it off. We talk about energy deficits, how to create the right hormonal balance, what triggers fat to be released from our fat cells, how it travels to be burned and how we can support the entire process.

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 The Myth: Fat loss is simply about eating less and/or moving more. If we simply take in less fuel than our body needs we’ll go into fat burning mode. Not true!!

The Facts: Your body actually needs a number of things to happen in just the right way and the right sequence to successfully burn your stored body fat.

  1. A moderate caloric deficit
  2. Hormone balance
  3. Breakdown and release fat from fat cell (lipolysis)
  4. Fat travel through the blood to another target cell
  5. Fat entry into new cell and oxidation (burn)

Practical Implementation

  1. Assess your results. Is what you’re doing working for you?
  2. Evaluate your food intake
    1. Quantity
    2. Quality
    3. Timing
    4. Composition
  3. Follow the Golden Rules of Carbs & Fat Loss 
  4. Control inflammation
  5. Walk more
  6. Consider high intensity interval workouts

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