677: Is This Pattern Preventing Your Progress (And You Don’t Even Know It)?

Nov 4, 2019

You are very likely slowing or preventing your progress due to this pattern you don’t even notice! There’s a good chance you do it and have never even thought about it. It has a huge impact on the progress you do and don’t make.

Becoming conscious of this and removing it from your actions will change your behavior overnight, progress you toward your goals, upgrade your mindset and improve your relationship with yourself and others. In today’s episode, I talk about what this pattern is and how you can eradicate it from your life.


  1. One of the most common responses I hear, and the impact it has on your progress.
  2. How overcoming this pattern begins by changing your perspective (and tweaking your outlook ever so slightly).
  3. The importance of being conscious of when you do this, and what you can do to spot yourself doing it before you do.
  4. One of the biggest differences between successful people and those who often fall short of their goals and dreams.
  5. 5 other patterns I see far too often, and how each one has a similar negative impact on your progress.
  6. How you can break free from your past and no longer let it define your future.
  7. The steps you can take to spot each one of these patterns, and how to eradicate them from your thinking once and for all.
  8. How all this not only impacts your inner dialogue and how you make decisions, but how you also communicate with others.



The Primal Potential Podcast

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