Episode 041: How To Start Your Transformation (Starting, Staying the Course and Achieving Your Goals)

Apr 28, 2015

In today’s episode we’re talking about practical strategies to create and, more importantly, achieve your own transformation. We talk about building habits, staying consistent, and navigating obstacles and roadblocks along the way. And don’t forget to sign up for the VIP e-newsletter so you can be a part of the free 1-a-day to transform in May challenge!!!

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The Problem: We are where we are because of our habits. Our degree of success in any endeavor is a reflection of our habits. We can’t expect to achieve transformation in any realm of life without creating habits reflecting of the success we’re after.

The Solution: Start small. Identify one daily commitment you can make to practice building a new habit and do it every single day whether you want to or not – whether it is easy or difficult.

Practical Implementation:

  1. Take an honest look at the habits you currently have that might be holding you back. What is one degree of improvement you can make? Practice it every day.
  2. Define the person you want to be. Define what you want every aspect of your life to look and be like. Now evaluate that person. What kind of habits would you imagine that person has? How can you begin to adopt one of those habits?
  3. Ideas for habit building:
    1. Monitoring and tracking
    2. Fat loss breakfast
    3. Affirmations
    4. Carb backloading
    5. Boundaries with indulgences
    6. Cruciferous veggies
    7. Evaluating & understanding emotional eating
  4. Expect obstacles. Understand that considerations, fears and roadblocks will always arise but you still have a choice.


Fat loss breakfast recipes and ideas
Carb strategies for fat loss e-course 

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