Q&A 23: 7 Ways to Break Weight Loss Plateaus

Aug 1, 2015

In today’s episode we’re talking about 7 ways to break weight loss plateaus. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your hard work isn’t reflected by your body or the scale. Fortunately, these 7 strategies make a huge difference. With the experience of the many plateaus I hit during my weight loss and watching my coaching clients ebb and flow, there are a few simple strategies that can take you from stuck to success. For more tips on fat loss, motivation, workouts and more, make sure you’re on the free VIP email list! 

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7 Ways to Break Weight Loss Plateaus

  1. Don’t measure the quality of your choices based on what you used to choose prior to your initial weight loss. Those choices got you where you are but won’t necessarily get you where you’re going.
  2. Recognize your own inconsistency. Look at days from a perspective of win/lose/draw – you need more “winning” days than losing or neutral. Consistently make good choices. The little concessions add up.
  3. Track your progress! It will be 10x harder to break a weight loss plateau if you aren’t consistently tracking. Tracking helps in 2 powerful ways:
    1. Mindfulness & accountability. This anchors your conscious and your subconscious mind to the goals you’re trying to achieve
    2. Information. You can identify what hormones are out of balance and look back on the kinds of choices you were making when you were getting results.
  4. Respond intelligently to hunger. True hunger is your body letting you know you need fuel. Many people hit plateaus by responding to hunger with a sense of urgency. Remember that hunger is a signal that your body needs fuel. At that signal, you have two potential responses:
    1. Allow your body to tap into your fuel reserves (body fat) to meet it’s fuel needs
    2. Provide fuel by eating
  5. Move more! This doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym or engaging in structured workouts but it does mean getting up off your butt. Most of us spend 80% of our day sitting or lying down. Get up. Get moving.
  6. Practice stress management. Stress impairs weight loss and contributes to weight gain. Try deep breathing, prayer, meditation or yoga. Practice perspective and realize that the little things aren’t worth getting worked up about.
  7. Prioritize sleep. Even if you can’t increase the quantity of your sleep, take steps to improve the quality. Here’s an entire episode I did on strategies to improve your sleep quality.


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