635: THIS Could Be Behind Your Hormonal Challenges

Jul 29, 2019

In the last few weeks, I have been asked at least once a day to talk more about the link between gut health & hormones. I recently announced that I am pregnant and I’ve shared that I KNOW a big part of the reason I was able to get pregnant naturally is because I focused on improving my gut health in the months before conceiving.

If you’ve followed my story, you know it involves a number of hormonal imbalances. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) when I was 16 years old. In my mid-twenties, a fertility specialist told me I’d need medical interventions to get pregnant. In my early thirties I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis, an auto-immune thyroid condition. When I froze my eggs in 2017, I was again told that it was highly unlikely that I could get pregnant without intervention.

And yet, I did. In fact, we conceived the very first month we began to try.

But don’t fret – today’s episode isn’t about fertility (entirely). Our gut health impacts our hormones. Thyroid hormones, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin…gut health impacts menopause, energy, body composition and so much more.

That’s what we’re looking at today.

More On Gut Health

If you want to learn more about the gut, the gut brain axis and my path to a healthier body, check out the replay of this webinar I did with my dear friend Brooke a couple weeks ago.  If you’d like more info, leave a comment below and I’ll reach out to you via email, or you can email me directly.

There’s a follow up video here.

And another one here.

The getting started link I mention can be found right here but please reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Ep 596: Your Gut Health Is Impacting Everything

I created a FB group where I talk more about my gut health and my partnership with THE Mental Wellness company focusing on healing via the gut/brain access. You can join us here if you’re interested!

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