512: When You Can’t Seem To Make The Struggle Stop

Aug 23, 2018

I have a client who is struggling. She really wants to create change, she wants to end the struggle, but she’s not consistently doing the work. In today’s episode, I want to get really practical and talk about my coaching philosophy for these kinds of situations. How do you break out of a pattern? How can you end the struggle?

There IS a way out and we’re talking about those strategies today. I’ll share how I coach my client as well as how I continue to overcome my own struggles.

One of the strategies I talk about in my episode is keeping my home a place that sets me up for success. I don’t keep treats and snacks in my house, but here are some of the things I do keep. If you’re new to Thrive Market, make sure to register through the link thrivemarket.com/primalpotential so you can save an extra 25% on your first order and get a free 30-day trial membership.

Hemp hearts – these are a new staple for me and I explain what makes them so special in episode 506

Coconut aminos – I use this as a salad dressing base, marinade and I add it to cauliflower rice stirfry

Primal Kitchen Salad dressings – I like the Balsamic the best – I’m not a huge fan of the Greek. These also make great marinades for meat or veggies prior to grilling!


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