755: Where You’re Struggling Most

May 2, 2020

A lot of times, when talking about the struggles you’re facing, it all comes down to your PRACTICE. The best way is to work on your practice and to know WHERE exactly you’re struggling most! We talk about this topic more in this Saturday’s episode.

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Questions we’re discussing in this episode:

  • I can’t seem to break through plateaus when I reach them. No matter what I do I can’t seem to break through a certain weight and it drives me nuts. I need focus and determination and a mindset to not give up no matter how long it takes to break through.
  • My desire for sugar feels hard to tackle.
  • I know how to lose weight, the hardest part has always been keeping it off.
  • I am really struggling to figure out how to improve my mindset and my attitude.
  • I feel like I’m always in a fog. I’d love to feel more mental clarity.

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