Episode 071: Impatience: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Aug 4, 2015

Impatience. It’s a real problem. We make good choices for a day or a few days and then get incredibly frustrated that we aren’t seeing results. That the number on the scale isn’t lower. What the heck? Why am I not losing weight? I did my part! Why isn’t my body responding?? In today’s episode we’re talking about just that: impatience with the process.

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Would you plant a seed and expect a fully grown garden the next day? Would you eat an unhealthy meal and expect to wake up 20 lbs heavier the next day? Of course not. Would you decide to get out of debt and expect to be debt free after a week of sticking to your budget? When people start asking, “Why am I not losing weight?” the answer is often a lack of consistency.

You reap what you sow. You benefit from your efforts after consistency over time.

You have to be committed to the daily process without being attached to the daily results

Questions to ask yourself each day:

  • What can I do today to help move towards my goals?
  • What might get in my way and how can I be successful in spite of it?

If the scale stresses you out, STAY OFF IT! There are lots of other ways to monitor progress and stay accountable including:

  • Pictures! Head shots or full body shots in your underwear are great indicators of progress
  • Waist and hip circumference
  • Goal pants – find a pair of snug pants and try them on every single week. Bonus points if you take a picture each time.

Another huge part of staying focused on the daily process is surrounding yourself with motivation and encouragement. A great way to do that (for free) is to get on the VIP email list! This way you’ll get motivation, tips, encouragement, recipes and much more to help you stay tied in to the daily process!


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