Your Past Or Your Potential?

ASCEND, the live Primal Potential transformation weekend, wrapped up on Saturday afternoon. It was amazing. In fact, “amazing” doesn’t do it justice. It exceeded my hopes and touched people in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. I feel so grateful.

One of the questions I asked on Saturday was, “What do you believe in more: your past or your potential?

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We talked about how so many of us are being led more by our fears & our wounds than by what we want for our lives.

We are reactive. Our lives control us instead of us controlling our lives.

We are running from what has hurt or disappointed us instead of running to what excites us about our future. 

As we shared primary takeaways at the end of the weekend, one client shared her breakthrough:

She no longer wants to live a life that’s about running from her past. She wants to run to her future. To her potential. To her best life.

I feel the same way. One approach is fueled by pain. The other is fueled by hope & excitement.

I don’t want to run from anything.

I want my life to be about what I’m running towards.

Is your life about what you’re running from? Obesity, depression, exhaustion, debt….

Or is your life about what you’re running towards? Health, energy, connection, joy…

How can you make a shift?

How can you focus more on what you’re running to and less on what you’re running from?

I want to wrap with a quick question for you:

How or where did you find Primal Potential? Would you be willing to take a quick second to comment & let me know? Thanks so much!

Exhausted from such a powerful weekend, I went to bed at just before 9pm last night and woke up feeling rested around 3:30am. I was down on Cape Cod and hopped in the car to head back home.

I was home by 5am but didn’t stop for my normal morning workout. I stayed focused on work & hit the gym around noon for a great workout!

10 Thrusters (95/65)
30 Calorie Bike
16 Pull-Ups

Dude. This was an IMPOSSIBLE workout. It kicked my ass completely! Holy moly!

On the food front:

There were more indulgences than normal over the weekend (tequila shots with one of my clients, some dark chocolate during the event, wine afterwards, etc) so I wasn’t too hungry today and wanted to keep it very clean.

I fasted until my workout and then headed to Whole Foods. I picked up some stuff for later in the week (stay tuned) but today I kept it really simple.

Grilled chicken & broccoli with a homemade “cream” sauce. There was no cream in the cream sauce, just bone broth, cashews & garlic in the blender. The cashews make it super creamy! I had some around 3pm and some more around 6pm. Yay for minimal cleanup!

Make it a great day!

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6 replies
  1. Moira Melvin
    Moira Melvin says:

    Hi Elizabeth! I first learned about when I was watching a Dave Ramsey YouTube video and you were on there. I then looked you up and discovered Primal Potential. I have been a huge fan of yours ever since. Moira M., Tampa, FL

  2. Erica Arszman
    Erica Arszman says:

    Love your podcast! When I opened a spotify account I browsed podcasts about health and well being. I listened to a few but loved yours the most! Been a listening for well over a year now!

  3. Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith says:

    Hey Elizabeth, I am writing this to you as I’m sitting at House of Boom watching my kids jump on trampolines. I usually listen to all of your podcasts (I started in January of this year and now caught up almost) and wanted to hear more so I hopped on over to your blog. I have been doing Crossfit since March and am truly addicted. Food choices are SO much easier now that I know what makes my body feel good. I want to thank you tons and tons over again for the wonderful year I have been blessed to have and the boost of knowledge and encouragement you’ve given me via your work. I am down 45 pounds and continue to lose inches and pounds. My heaviest was 315 pounds years ago and still working to make my life better and better. I am 45 and in the best health of my life. Thank you!


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