151: How To Stop Overeating & Giving In To Temptation

Mar 12, 2016

Last week I shared a personal episode about my experiences with binge eating. I talked about how & why I binged & how I stopped. The response to that episode was overwhelming. Whether you could relate to binge eating or just emotional eating and overeating, hundreds of you reached out for help and support.

Today I want to help you take that next step. I want to cover how to stop overeating & repeatedly giving in to temptation.

So many people feel like it’s beyond their control – like they just can’t stop. You can. I will help you. 

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How To Stop Overeating & Giving In To Temptation

I was a champion overeater and binger. I used food to cope with emotions and I would often eat until I felt (or became) sick. I felt that in many ways food owned me and had more control than I had. I was wrong.

There were a few strategies I began to gradually implement to help me radically change my relationship with food, my mindset & my body.

I strongly encourage you to listen to the episode because I think it will be helpful to hear exactly how & when I’d implement these strategies.

The first step I encourage you to take, before implementing any of the strategies described in this episode is to identify the lies you tell yourself. For me, the lies were often, “I’ll start tomorrow. Just this once. It won’t hurt. I deserve a break.”

I want you to challenge those lies and ask yourself, “Is that true?”

When you tell yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow”, is that true? Do you? Or is this how you make yourself feel good about being indulgent? Are you telling yourself what you want to hear?

It’s hard to accept the truth when the lie is what you want to hear. 

Then, you can try one of the following 4 strategies:

  1. Just for today
  2. The 3 questions
    1. How do I want to feel in 1 hour?
    2. How will this choice make me feel?
    3. Is it worth it?
  3. 1 more (rep, choice, minute, hour)
  4. Do not go back to what broke you

In today’s episode I explain how these work & how I apply them in moments of indecision.


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